Beyond the edge of dreams
Always fleeting
I walk this road once more
But I’m not going home

Sound asleep
The leaves are swirling
Life is taking shape
It’s like a storm that never shows when it’s here

The autumn breeze warns of Winter’s vice, a chilling breath
Seasons change bringing death to life, and life to death
The burning sun is all alone,
Will you find your lonely home?
Life goes by through textured eyes

Stand still and breathe with me
Autumn’s greeting
Eyes closed, I dream of lore
Awaken on my own

When I thought that time would make it better
I didn’t think think that I’d hear the word “never”
What will it take to claim my throne?
My life, my heart, my home

Listen to the air we breathe on this night
We need someone to fight for and believe our dreams

I’ve gone away

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