A Path Of Thorns

Gone are the days of darkness
A revolution waits over the hill of fire
To fight though all of the pain and
All of the anger in my own head
To let me love myself
To let my sorrows fall

Rise above the path of thorns
In this life we are not alone
The trials we face show us who we are
We can’t rise unless we let ourselves fall

And when you feel like dying
Just remember who you are
You’ve made it here and you’ve come so far
When the road ahead doesn’t seem to end
Allow yourself to be your own best friend

Listen, it’s the fire burning loudly again

So wash everything away
The past is a new day
In time, this shall fade away
March on, far from this place

Climb to the summit
There awaits your pot of gold
Fear is your enemy
The smell of blood just keeps me fighting
Nothing in gives you nothing back
I give it all until my body breaks down
I didn’t get here by going nowhere
Focus, drive, perseverance and disdain

Draw your weapons
And I’ll cut you down
All we know is dead

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