Of Memories Lost

Nothing can wash away this pain
All things are destined for the same
We’re the killers of our kind
Right, I won’t be the one left behind

I remember the time we had
Bleeding hearts will crumble last
One down, seven million fires burning
Stand ground, the heartless and the meek are turning

Fight? I’ve got no fight
Will I ever return?
Not for the life of me

Forget the shame
Let’s live for today
Tomorrow won’t be here forever
I weep for all I’ve lost

Writings are seen upon these walls
Foreseeing the tyrants as they fall
Light the sky up with your eyes
It’s time to die
Lies are destroyers of our hearts

Light up the shadows
Breathe deep and let it go

Reach deep down inside
Pull yourself up
Release the pain
Let go

Cry for all of the memories lost of you

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