For Those Departed

As the tears fall down
This pain beside me waits
To the young ones gone
We spoke out words too late
And the sun will rise and fall
Counting days since you’ve left

All the words that I never said
They rip my heart apart and tear at my head
And of all the words I couldn’t find
I’ll never say goodbye

Oh can you hear me when I sing this song for you?
Tears are falling on the grave
I can’t believe it’s true
With memories and melodies
You left this place too soon
For those departed
We raise our heads and lift our hearts to you

Life’s a young man’s game
He passes by his days
But when the young man is lost
We put ourselves to blame
And the times we had live on
In our hearts you will rest

The stars shine bright on this night

You will never be without us
Life will never come between us

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