Die now, it’s the first of the innocent to be knocked down
Douse the fire with gasoline
We dance and watch the bodies burn
All that I found are the remains of the artifacts
No sense in leaving now

So tell me I don’t believe
You don’t believe
Another one hits the stake
You’re all diseased

It’s all just whispers in our ears
Tiny fragments of our imaginations

The time has come for us to march on this town

Look to the past and see what we have done
In the eyes of our sons
We have cursed our beloved

The first to confess is the last one to lie
The last one to fight is the first one to die
And now it’s time to round up all of the others
We will hold them to the fires of the gods

Now listen, we can hear them screaming down to their bones
The fear is set

Lies, the fear has just begun
We might spare him
But your life is done

Don’t you save your life for me
The apple falls far from the tree
And for the last time go
In time we’ll all escape
And smile on better days
Just follow me

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