The second full-length studio album. Released November, 25 2014.

Album Title: Awaken
Record Label: Rockingham Records
Distribution: The Orchard Enterprises
Release Date: November 25, 2014
Format: CD, Digital

Kyle Morrison: Vocals / Keyboards
Stephen Gladney: Lead / Rhythm Guitars
Justin Rogers: Lead / Rhythm Guitars
Brian Dawley: 5 and 7 String Bass

Album Credits:
Produced, mixed and mastered by Kyle Morrison
Co-Produced and additional mixing by Brian Dawley
Drums performed by Anthony Lusk-Simone
Keyboards and digital pianos provided by Casio EMI.
Album artwork and Triphon logo by Nate Bergeron


Track Listing: Click track for lyrics

1. Macabre Concerto Pianoforte
2. Artifacts
3. Dark Signals
4. Suffer The Cold
5. Ghost of War
6. Textures
7. In The Shadows
8. Feed The Wolves
9. Retribution
10. For Those Departed
11. Of Memories Lost
12. A Path of Thorns
13. Take On Me (A-ha cover)

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