Triphon - Press PhotoWhat began as a long distance collaboration has evolved into a juggernaut at the forefront of modern melodic metal. After a successful release of their debut album Distance in 2012 to much critical acclaim, Triphon buried themselves in the studio for two years in order to craft an album that would both define the band, and pave the way for the next evolution of modern metal.

Awaken sets a new standard for the hybridization of modern metal. A signature blend of Euro-American metal augmented with symphonic and electronic elements and topped off with unforgettable melodies provides a breath of fresh air in a scene suffocated by monotony. From front to back, Awaken is as diverse as it is cohesive. The brutality of Swedish death metal injected with soaring melodies, stunning harmonies, and the epic feel of power metal creates an experience designed for both accessibility and longevity.

Atlanta, GA has been a notorious breeding ground for breakthrough artists, and it’s no surprise that Triphon has utterly dominated local metal charts. As the band continues to gain momentum globally, Triphon has become a force to be reckoned with that has become increasingly impossible to ignore.

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