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TRIPHON To Release Awaken Album In November



Atlanta, GA-based metal act, TRIPHON, is set to release their second album, Awaken, on November 25th via Rockingham Records / The Orchard Enterprises.  Pre-orders for the album in both digital and physical formats will begin in late October.

Awaken sees TRIPHON honing it’s unique brand of metal even further, combining multiple sub genres to create a powerful and dynamic offering.  The blistering blast-beat filled tracks “Retribution” and “Dark Signals” provide perfect balance to the raw emotion of “Ghost of War” and “For Those Departed.” Infectious melodies and huge choruses are intensified with “Suffer The Cold” and “Textures” while the symphonic and technical journeys of “Artifacts” and “A Path of Thorns” are sure to fulfill the appetite of metal purists.

“When you listen to this new album, I think you can tell there’s been a huge growth in our chemistry together as a band. Awaken feels a lot more musically cohesive than our first release. I’m really proud of what we’ve created and I hope the fans love it too.” comments guitarist Stephen Gladney.

Frontman Kyle Morrison adds, “We’ve lived and breathed, written and re-written these songs since the release of Distance in 2012.  It’s been a long road but this record is the perfect culmination of everything we wanted to incorporate in our musical style and direction.”


Awaken tracklisting:

1. Macabre Concerto Pianoforte
2. Artifacts
3. Dark Signals
4. Suffer The Cold
5. Ghost Of War
6. Textures
7. In The Shadows
8. Feed The Wolves
9. Retribution
10. For Those Departed
11. Of Memories Lost
12. A Path Of Thorns
13. Take On Me (A-ha cover) [Bonus track]


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