Press Kit

Download our Press Kit

Download our press kit right here.

Includes the following media

  • Two hi-rez press photos
  • Band logo in PDF and PNG format
  • All album artwork in hi-rez JPG format
  • Band biography with social media links in RTF format

Album Review and Interview Requests

If you are interested in reviewing an album and would like either WAV, MP3, or CD format audio, please e-mail us at

Please provide us with your name and publication along with relevant links. We can send you a link to download our music in the format of your choice as soon as 24 hours and strongly prefer this method as it saves time and postage. If you require a CD, we can provide it to you but please allow us a few business days plus shipping time from the United States.

Record Label EPK

View our EPK provided by The Orchard Enterprises